Quality Suites in City Park    

  Style and size for today's single lifestyle.

HEATING SYSTEM:  It was upgraded by replacing the boilers and installing computer controlled monitoring that adjusts the temperature of the hot water heating system relative to the outside air temperature.  It also has an automatic warm weather shutdown.  The benefits are greatly increased tenant comfort on all floor levels and energy efficiency.

ROOFING:  The original tar and gravel R5 roof was replaced with an R50 torched membrane roof. The benefits are greatly increased tenant comfort on the top floor and better energy efficiency.

SUITE WINDOWS: New All Weather Windows triple pane argon filled and sunblock coated windows have the highest energy efficiency rating at time of install. The benefits are draught free suites, cooler summer temperatures and warmer winter environment as well as energy efficiency.  An added benefit is they virtually eliminate most street noise so tenants can enjoy their suites night and day summer and winter.

FRONT and REAR ENTRIES: The new doors not only look good they are very energy efficient.   The benefit is   lower heating costs (less pressure on rents) and a cooler building in the summer.

LIGHTING:  All exterior and most interior lighting has or is being converted to LED.  Benefits are brighter spaces at lower costs.

WALL INSULATION:  All non brick clad walls were improved by the addition of a layer of R10 insulation.  The benefit has been very pronounced for tenants that have experienced the before and after of this improvement, warmer less draughty winters and cooler summers.

THE LAWNS: The artificial turf has eliminated the need for noisy, smelly lawn movers, fertilizers, herbicides and water.  Needing minimal maintenance they always look freshly cut.  The benefits a healthy environment and yard that says people who care live here.