Quality Suites in City Park    

  Style and size for today's single lifestyle.





HIGH EFFIECIENY LAUNDRY: Our laundry room is a pleasant work area with new machines and a bright clean space. The benefits are time displayed cycles and with a low occupant load wait times are minimal, if at all.

ENTRIES, HALLS and STAIRS:  Entries are tiled and stairs and hallways have new commercial grade carpeting with very thick heavy underpadding. The benefit is less foot noise throughout the building.

PATIO and BBQ CENTRE: Like most 60’s era buildings in the City Park and Downtown area Fleetwood does not have balconies.  We do however have a cool little patio with a common use natural gas BBQ operating all summer long.  This has been very well received by many tenants since its introduction.  The benefit is that it is always available and free to use.

BIKE RACKS: The bike blocks are located at the front and the north side yard. The side yard is also fenced and all areas are video monitored.  The benefit no need to lug your bike up or down everyday.

FRONT CANOPY:  A shelter from the elements but also much improved lighting for the front entry.  It offers a distinctive look  and sets off our multiple  upgrades.  One of the many benefits is it states that this a quality residence that anyone professional, student or retired person would appreciate and enjoy.

DESIGN & IMAGE  IMPROVEMENTS:  Starting at the  front curb and continuing to the rear lane Fleetwood   Apartments has been transformed to one of the best looking (outside and inside) and one of most desirable  11 suite  apartment blocks in City Park.  The artificial turf is always crisp looking, the wrought iron look  aluminum fencing is both good looking and secure.   The curved concrete walks and concrete patio add to the appeal as does the vinyl side yard fencing and resurfaced paved rear parking lot. The  front suite air conditioners are nicely hidden at the sides of the building and the front façade  maintains a clean modern look as a result. The two tone stucco adds both highlights and interest while the semi-circular canopy is one of a kind for the area.  The entry doors are both modern and high end.  The benefit has been that we repeatedly hear from prospective tenants, contractors, inspectors and passer bys that this looks like one of the best apartments in City Park.  Fleetwood Apartments has been transformed into a modern residence that attracts quality tenants and once resident, keeps them happy and they stay on average a long time.



HEATING SYSTEM:  It was upgraded by replacing the boilers and installing computer controlled monitoring that adjusts the temperature of the hot water heating system relative to the outside air temperature.  It also has an automatic warm weather shutdown.  The benefits are greatly increased tenant comfort on all floor levels and energy efficiency.

ROOFING:  The original tar and gravel R5 roof was replaced with an R50 torched membrane roof. The benefits are greatly increased tenant comfort on the top floor and better energy efficiency.

SUITE WINDOWS: New All Weather Windows triple pane argon filled and sunblock coated windows have the highest energy efficiency rating at time of install. The benefits are draught free suites, cooler summer temperatures and warmer winter environment as well as energy efficiency.  An added benefit is they virtually eliminate most street noise so tenants can enjoy their suites night and day summer and winter.

FRONT and REAR ENTRIES: The new doors not only look good they are very energy efficient.   The benefit is   lower heating costs (less pressure on rents) and a cooler building in the summer.

LIGHTING:  All exterior and most interior lighting has or is being converted to LED.  Benefits are brighter spaces at lower costs.

WALL INSULATION:  All non brick clad walls were improved by the addition of a layer of R10 insulation.  The     benefit has been very pronounced for tenants that have experienced the before and after of this improvement, warmer less draughty winters and cooler summers.

THE LAWNS: The artificial turf has eliminated the need for noisy, smelly lawn movers, fertilizers, herbicides and water.  Needing minimal maintenance they always look freshly cut.  The benefits a healthy environment and yard that says people who care live here.



FENCING: The side yards are fenced and controlled by self locking gates.  The rear yard was also fenced and pedestrian traffic through the lot has been eliminated. The benefit has been  additional security for lower level suites and the addition of a secure outside patio common use and bike storage area and  BBQ centre.


EXTERIOR LIGHTING:  Fleetwood Apartments has among the best exterior lighting of apartments in the area, some controlled by motion sensors.  The benefits of light reducing crime are well known and the new LED components  are energy efficient.

SECURITY CAMERAS: Our best in Class system provides coverage of the entire common areas of  Fleetwood Apartments outside and inside as well as internet enabled security alerts and remote monitoring.  The benefit has been reduced graffiti and petty vandalism.  It has also been effective for the police to apprehend suspects on the few occasions it has been required.